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Load-based biological treatment solution Liquicontrol CDC80

Efficiency improvements and cost savings for wastewater treatment plants

Liquicontrol CDC80 is the solution for reliable and safe outlet values combined with energy and cost savings in your wastewater treatment plant. It provides dynamic, load-based control of the biological treatment and of the precipitant pumps during phosphate elimination. Liquicontrol can control multiple biological stages at the same time and enables seamless and quick integration into your existing environment thanks to digital bus and remote technologies.

Efficient and reliable nutrient decomposition

An active controller detects the rate of change of the nitrification process, thus determining the direct behavior of the biology in intermittent phases. The Liquicontrol dynamically adjusts the oxygen set point with respect to the nutrient concentration. Simply put: high load equals high oxygen setpoint and low load equals low oxygen setpoint. In the case of continuously driving blowers, a feed-forward control strategy is used: this compensates for swift load changes via predictive preparation.

Load-dependent, chemical phosphate elimination

The Liquicontrol uses continuous flow rate and phosphate measurement to control your dosing pump to ensure efficient phosphate elimination. It can thus quickly adjust precipitant dosing in the case of changing loads or flow rates. This ensures the most efficient phosphate conversion, which means that you use less precipitant and therefore reduce cost. In addition, optimized precipitant dosing prevents increased salting of the biology and increasing volumes of sludge.

Process reliability and control

Thanks to continuous measured values and signal validation, Liquicontrol guarantees stable plant operation and reliable plant discharge. Should a measured value or even a blower fail, the system switches the affected control loops into a corresponding safety condition and sends error or warning messages. The original plant operation settings can be restored at any time via selector switch. Even after Liquicontrol installation, plant personnel have full control of the process at all times.

Easy integration into existing plants

Liquicontrol is designed as a modular, expandable system with architecture primarily based on a programmable logic controller (PLC) and individual signal interfaces. Available as a stand-alone solution or decentralized in various housing configurations, this flexibility allows for quick and easy integration into existing process control systems, as well as incorporation of existing instrumentation.

Easy-to-use remote access

Using fieldbus technology, Liquicontrol retransmits all remote measurement data to a central point such as your control room. This enables you easy monitoring of the processes and adjustment of the control. Furthermore, process monitoring via secure VPN is particularly quick and simple. This allows your treatment plant staff to manage the measured values and parameters regardless of location and weather conditions.

Liquicontrol - tools

  • Oxygen control with automatic load detection and concentration adjustment

  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple biological stages

  • Validation of the process technology

  • Local, self-contained control unit or integration into existing PCS

  • Continuous or intermittent operation of the biological stage including from base load to peak load

  • Predictive control strategies for attenuating load spikes

  • Flush load for long denitrification phases

  • Chemical phosphate elimination

  • Remote access

Liquicontrol - measuring technology

  • Oxygen measurement

  • Ammonium and nitrate measurement

  • Phosphate measurement

  • Flow measurement

Liquicontrol - services

  • Commissioning

  • Optimization during operation

  • Application trainings

  • Remote maintenance


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