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Plant safety

Overfill prevention according to the German Water Directive (WHG)

Services and tools: Complete solutions for overfill prevention

The German Water Directive (WHG) is one of the most important laws for environmental protection and operational safety. As an approved specialized company, we comply with the legal guidelines stipulated in the WHG and train our staff regularly.


  • A one-stop shop for the recording and analysis of requirements in accordance with the WHG, including the development of an automated and device concept/engineering, cost plan, and schedule.

  • Professional calculation of response height and design of field devices as per WHG using a software-based calculation tool

  • No proof testing required on level sensor and Nivotester for up to 12 years thanks to Liquiphant FailSafe

  • Cabinet with signaling unit built and tested in accordance with standards and specifications

  • Onsite commissioning and training

White Paper on the German Water Directive (WHG)

The white paper describes how operators can comply with the requirements set out in the German Water Directive, what the common testing procedure is and what factors you need to consider.

Download the white paper on the German Water Directive Act now (German only) >>>

Complete solutions for overfill prevention

According to the German Water Directive (WHG), containers for water-hazardous liquids must have overfill prevention systems. These systems monitor the level and trigger an alarm before the permitted level is reached. The WHG is thus one of the most important laws for environmental protection and to ensure operational safety. The application of, and compliance with, this law is monitored by organizations such as the Technical Inspection Authority TÜV.

Reduce costs and save time.

How? With Endress+Hauser as your partner, you will benefit from a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of the WHG: design, calculation, field devices, engineering, switch cabinet assembly, installation, commissioning, seminars, and services all from a single source. The fastest method of proof testing is using the proof test button when the device is installed. Proof-testing is not required for up to 12 years using Endress+Hauser's latest system.

Click here to find out more about proof-testing (German only) >>>

Designing the overfill prevention system

  • Site survey

  • Recording and analysis of requirements according to WHG

  • Development of the automation and device concept/engineering

Selecting the correct measuring technology

  • Seven measuring principles available for selection with WHG certificate and type-examination certificate

  • Easy proof testing of the loop with proof test button when using PFM technology

Engineering of the entire system and control cabinet assembly

  • Complete electrical measuring, control and regulation planning

  • Wiring diagrams with CAE/CAD systems, data exchange in accordance with NE 100

  • Cabinet with signaling unit built and tested in accordance with standards and specifications

Onsite commissioning

  • Switching contacts are checked

  • Functional test and optimization

We train your staff

  • Project-specific training for operators and maintenance staff

  • Specialized seminars/workshops on overfill prevention as per WHG, plant safety, explosion protection, and SIL


  • Proof-testing

  • Maintenance agreement (Reminder service)

  • W@M maintenance management

  • Documentation creation for approval by the Technical Inspection Authority TÜV

Overview of the devices with WHG approval

  • Third party approvals with the main contents

  • Specifications for the implementation of an overfill prevention system

  • Structure and design of overfill prevention system

  • Specifications for use, service/maintenance, and proof-testing

  • Technical data

  • Application areas and installation instructions

  • Setup instructions

Click here for the overview of the devices with WHG approval >>>

More information:


Overfill prevention competence brochure (German only) >>>

Overfill prevention complete solution brochure (German only) >> >

Links for further information:

Click here for more information on TÜV Süd's (technical service organization) water and explosion protection >>>
Click here for Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety >>>


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