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Clorious2 – the efficient solution for disinfection with chlorine dioxide

Clorious2 – the efficient solution for disinfection with chlorine dioxide

The Clorious2 Disinfection Systems provide effective microbial control for all industrial water applications

The Clorious2 Generator is the disinfection system of choice for every industrial water application where microbial control is required. The fully automated system is based on a patented method to generate a ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution directly at the point of use when required. The Clorious2 Generator eliminates microbial contamination at the source. The closed system ensures that the operation process is safe and reduces the amount of maintenance to a minimum. Disinfection with the Clorious2 Generator ensures safe and cost-effective processes in many industries.


  • Compliance with limit values, regulations and standards

  • Precise measurement of the disinfection parameters and remote monitoring

  • Reduced control and maintenance work

  • No overdosing or underdosing

  • Safer operation through controlled process conditions

Enhanced process reliability thanks to optimal hygiene

Without controlled disinfection, microorganisms and biofilms pose a constant threat to any water-based industrial process. The Clorious2 Generator provides microbial control in all industrial water applications, e.g. in the food industry, automotive and environmental sectors. It can be used in any production process that uses water to improve process reliability and helps ensuring compliance with relevant environmental regulations. The Clorious2 Disinfection Systems offer process reliability and product quality while minimizing the formation of chlorinating and corrosive by-products.

Higher cost-effectiveness by fully automated operation

Easy to integrate: The Clorious2 Generator, which is available in different reactor sizes, is a complete system with automated measurement and control technology. The concentration of chlorine dioxide required for disinfection can be precisely adjusted and maintained. Compared to other products on the market, the Clorious2 chlorine dioxide solution is more stable and therefore storable. The system prevents overdosing or underdosing ensuring the most efficient biocide usage. Its automated operation results in low maintenance requirements.

Improved occupational health and safety due to the closed system

No uncontrolled release of chlorine dioxide, no formation of unwanted by-products and no contact with the surroundings thanks to the closed system:
The fully controlled and monitored reaction process in the Clorious2 Generator is a true benefit for occupational health and safety. Effective across a wide antimicrobial spectrum, the Clorious2 Disinfection Systems inactivate pathogens in every area of the application, thereby playing a key role in creating hygienic and safe working conditions, without impacting the environment.

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