First assistance and technical support, day and night

Telephone: 0800 EHHELPDESK Telephone: 0800 3443573

Our technical specialists will help you with any questions you may have concerning measuring devices in your system. They will respond to your requests promptly and reliably. All of your support requests are recorded in our system and can be processed and tracked consistently until completion. Please ask for your individual request number when submitting a request. Even if you have any questions at a later stage, we can use your request number to quickly access all of the relevant information.


  • Our technical support responds to all requests, making it easier for you to diagnose problems, ensuring that measuring devices and software tools are functioning correctly again and reducing your waiting times.

Please have your serialnumber ready

  • If you have questions regarding a specific device, please have your serialnumber ready. This makes it easier for us to assign your questions and individual requests concerning the device and to respond more quickly.

  • To call us from outside Germany, please use the following telephone number (24 hours a day, 365 days a year):
    +49 (0)7621 975-575