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Picture of ultrasonic flowmeter Proline Prosonic Flow P 500 / 9P5B

Proline Prosonic Flow P 500 ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter

Reliable, flexible, zero maintenance – noninvasive flow measurement, consistently accurate, even under challenging conditions

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  • Measuring principle

    Ultrasonic flow

  • Product headline

    Clamp-on flowmeter for limited spaces in process industries with up to 3 I/Os.
    Constant accuracy even when mounted with short inlet run thanks to FlowDC.
    Bidirectional measurement of various fluids, e.g. liquid hydrocarbons and chemicals.

  • Sensor features

    High safety standards – SIL by design,
    international hazardous area approvals. Long-term stable signal – maintenance-free
    permanent mounting from outside with coupling pads. Reliable measurement on various pipe materials – sensor for GRP and plastic pipes available.
    Mounting without process interruption. Wide nominal diameter range: DN 15 to 4000 (½ to 160"). Medium temperature: –40 to +550 °C (–40 to +1022 °F).

  • Transmitter features

    Full access to process and diagnostic information – numerous, freely combinable I/Os. Reduced complexity and variety –
    freely configurable I/O functionality. Integrated verification – Heartbeat Technology.
    Remote version with up to 3 I/Os. Backlit display with touch control and WLAN access. Standard cable between sensor and transmitter.

  • Nominal diameter range

    Dual channel, 1 or 2 paths : DN 15 to 4000 (1/2 to 160")

  • Sensor materials

    Clamp on system:
    Sensor holder 1.4301/304, 1.4404/316L
    Sensor housing 1.4301/304, 1.4404/316L
    Strapping bands 1.4301/304, 1.4404/316L

  • Measured variables

    Volume flow, sound velocity, flow velocity, totalizer

  • Max. measurement error

    Volume flow:
    ±3% o.r. for DN 15
    ±2% o.r. for DN 25 to DN 200
    ±2% o.r. above DN 200

  • Measuring range

    0 to 15 m/s (0 to 50 ft/s)

  • Max. process pressure


  • Medium temperature range

    DN 15 to 65 (½to 2½"): –40 to +150°C (–40 +302 °F)
    DN 50 to 4000 (2 to 160"): –40 to +170°C (–40 to +338 °F)
    DN 50 to 600 (2" to 24"): 150°C to 550°C (+302 to +1022 °F)

  • Ambient temperature range

    –40 to +60 °C (–40 to +140 °F)
    –50 to +60 °C (–58 to +140 °F) optional

  • Sensor housing material


  • Transmitter housing material

    AlSi10Mg, coated; 1.4409 (CF3M) similar to 316L

  • Degree of protection

    Sensor remote version: IP68 type 6P
    Transmitter remote version: IP66/67, Type 4X enclosure

  • Display/Operation

    4-line backlit display with touch control(operation from outside)
    Optional: WLAN
    Configuration via local display and operating tools possible

  • Outputs

    3 outputs:
    4-20 mA HART (active/passive)
    4-20 mA (active/passive)
    Pulse/frequency/switch output (active/passive)
    Double pulse output (active/passive)
    Relay output

  • Inputs

    Status input
    4-20 mA input

  • Digital communication

    HART, Modbus RS485

  • Power supply

    DC 24 V
    AC 100 to 230 V
    AC 100 to 230 V / DC 24 V (non-hazardous area)

  • Hazardous area approvals


  • Other approvals and certificates

    Other approvals and certificates

  • Product safety

    CE, C-tick, EAC-marking

  • Functional safety

    Functional safety according to IEC 61508, applicable in safety-relevant applications in accordance with IEC 61511

  • Metrological approvals and certificates

    Flowmeter verification for all frequencies except 0.3 MHz, reference line size: 5 MHz DN 50, all other frequencies DN 100
    Verification performed on accredited calibration facilities (acc. to ISO/IEC 17025)
    Heartbeat Technology complies with the requirements for measurement traceability according to ISO 9001:2015 – Section a