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Equipment returns

Fast, professional and safe equipment returns

Whether for repair, calibration, troubleshooting or modification, equipment returns Endress+Hauser follows specific guidance to ensure your request is managed efficiently, and returned items are handled according to local regulations.


  • Register requests via a convenient and simple online process

  • Overview of all available services, such as repairs, inspections, maintenance, calibrations and modifications

  • Compliance with legal regulations

Online return registration

You can find information about all device-specific factory services and prices, and submit a request online. The system generates a completed returns document with all of the information (incl. Decl. of Decontamination).

Declaration of Decontamination:

1.Print the Dec. of Decontamination and enter your data.
2. Attach form outside of package where it is clearly visible and send off.

Returns WITHOUT the form placed on the outside of the package will NOT be opened for security reasons.


    Dekontaminationserklärung (DE)

    Schnelle, fachgerechte und sichere Rücksendungen, Reparaturen, Werkskalibrierungen oder Umbauten

    Declaration of decontamination

    Quick, safe and professional returns, in-house repairs, in-house calibrations or modifications

    Flyer: Online Rücksende-Anmeldung (CP00075H)

    Rücksendungen, Reparaturen, Umbauten oder Werkskalibrierungen schnell und einfach online abwickeln