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An investment in the future

Endress+Hauser deeply involved in vocational education in the region

Publication date: 14.09.2020

The company’s apprenticeship program is concentrated at two locations in Maulburg, Germany and Reinach, Switzerland. The two production sites are currently training around 150 young people in all apprenticeship years and in a total of 12 professions. Added to that are students from the dual education colleges and the StudiumPlus program, which involves a combination of university studies and vocational training.

“Training and educating young people for a profession is part of our corporate social responsibility. And it goes without saying that we have an interest in attracting new talent for Endress+Hauser,” says Jörg Stegert, the Group’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

International exchange

During their time at the company, the young people have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of experience, including internationally through partner companies and other Endress+Hauser entities, language courses or competitions.

“For us it’s important that our apprentices become familiar with other work approaches, cultures and languages,” says Jens Kröger, head of personnel development at Maulburg. The apprentices work within various departments at their location. In some of the professions the fundamentals are taught in an apprenticeship workshop.

Secure career start

The apprentices are generally offered a regular employment contract, even now in times of the coronavirus crisis. “Our goal is to employ as many apprentices as possible for at least one year,” explains Céline Ritter, who heads up the development department at Reinach. Many apprentices take a second step towards a university entrance diploma or they begin a course of studies at a university.

“We offer a support program to help them on their further career paths and thus tie them to the company on a long-term basis,” says Jens Kröger.

Close cooperation with schools

Endress+Hauser attracts most of its apprentices through close cooperation with schools in the region, including educational partnerships, class visits and cooperation in electronics and technology courses. The students also have the chance to become familiar with various professions on-site. “Every year we offer more than 100 five-day trial internships,” says Jens Kröger. Interested students can also use WhatsApp for their questions about training opportunities and application details.

Skilled workforce for the future

This coming year, an apprenticeship in logistics will be offered at Reinach for the first time. In light of digitalization and the rise of automation in production, Maulburg is increasingly looking for prospective mechatronic and IT specialists. And at Endress+Hauser Germany, located in Weil am Rhein, the plan is to further increase the number of apprenticeship slots.

“Training and education is an investment in our own future and the future of the region. For this reason – and also because we are a family company – we always plan for the long term,” says Céline Ritter.

Jörg Stegert, the Group’s Chief Human Resources Officer

“Training and educating young people for a profession is part of our corporate social responsibility. And it goes without saying that we have an interest in attracting new talent for Endress+Hauser.”

Jörg Stegert, Chief Human Resources Officer
Endress+Hauser Group


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