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NAMUR Recommendation NE 100

Optimizes plant planning

NAMUR Recommendation NE 100 is an international device description standard based on properties for describing process control equipment
(devices, actuators, etc.). It describes the automated data exchange between customers' (users') and supplier' systems.
The aim is to optimize engineering workflows.

NAMUR Recommendation NE 100 ©Endress+Hauser
NAMUR Recommendation NE 100 © Nikolay Zaburdaev -

Optimization of engineering workflows with NAMUR Recommendation NE 100

Increase in efficiency and improvement in data quality

The NE 100 workflow covers both properties that may be used in an inquiry or a proposal and detailed properties required for integration of a process control device in systems for other tasks, such as planning (e.g. in CAE systems), maintenance and ERP systems.The standardized electronic data transfer in accordance with NE 100 between user and supplier leads to increased efficiency in the engineering process and improved data quality.

The benefits for you

  • Standardized and structured data exchange (XML) reduces
    engineering time and costs

  • Optimization of data integration, from planning and procurement through to maintenance, increases efficiency

  • Master data import directly from device supplier; no time or costs required for updating data

  • Better comparability of proposals of different suppliers with regards to device data

  • Increase in the quality of the inquiry and quotation process through standardized specifications

  • Reduction in process costs and complexity

Tools and software

You can read and edit NE 100 files using the following programs:

  • PRO-SPEC (NE 100 Editor)

  • PRO-VIEW (NE 100 Viewer)

Both programs are available from Paradine (Austria)

More information: