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NAMUR recommendation NE 53

Software and hardware changes for field and signal-processing devices with digital electronics

Overview of current software and hardware changes with link to the respective manufacturer information. It includes details on software and hardware changes, compatibility and operating instructions according to NAMUR recommendation 53. The change management process is based on IEC 61508.

NAMUR recommendation NE 53 ©Endress+Hauser

Current manufacturer information:

Date: 31.05.2021


Liquiline CM44x
Version: 01.08.00
Date 05/20
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Flow measurement

FTL50/50H/51/51H mit Kompaktgehäuse
Version: HW: 01.03, FW: 01.00.02
Date: 03/21
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System products

FieldCare SFE500
Version: 01.37.00
Date: 11/20
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FieldEdge SGC500
Version: 02.01.00
Date: 11/20
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